• A Button Controller

    In the second part of this series, I put together a working prototype of a button controller to be used in a larger project. Since then, I have designed the schematic, designed the circuit board, sourced and ordered the parts, and ordered the board.

  • A MIDI Controller Pt. 2

    In the first part of this series, I discussed how I want to turn button presses and use them to control another system. Using an ATMega32U4 connected to an MCP23017 I/O Expander via I2C, I should be able to handle a large number of buttons and other input devices on the single microcontroller, giving me all sorts of options with control.

  • A MIDI Controller Pt. 1

    As a part of a larger project I’m working towards, I want to create something like a MIDI controller. I want to have a set of buttons that can be pressed, which are transmitted to another system that will control its behviour. I’m not sure exactly how this signal will be transmitted yet, but I need some way of converting the button presses into these signals, and transmitting them. There are plenty of excellent microcontrollers on the market now, and for now, I’m going to work with the Atmel ATMega32u4. Since I want to use multiple buttons, and the Atmega only supports a limited number of inputs, I need to use something else to let the controller know when, and which, button is pressed.

  • Making a Dub Siren


    Last year I started getting into building electronic circuits. I have a few ideas on a large project I eventually want to create, but it requires some knowledge of circuit development, so I started on a relatively easy project, a dub siren.

  • Hello world

    This is my inaugural post on my new whatever this is, so like any good developer, it’s a Hello World post.

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